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Intermediate Algebra Workshop (ARC 35)

IAW - ARC 35 is offered in the summer, fall and winter. There is no spring offering of ARC 35. This workshop will help students refresh their math skills and develop a better grounding in the fundamentals needed to be successful in university level math courses. If students successfully complete the workshop they will be eligible to enroll into Math 6A or Math 4 depending on how high a percentage that a student receives.

Contact Information

  • Steven Garcia - Coordinator
  • Christina Holdiness - Asst. Coordinator/Lead Facilitator
  • Erick Yanez - Administrative Assistant
  • Students register for IAW (ARC 35) via R'Web. In the summer, during the priority period, students will start the registration process via the "Summer Registration" tab on this site. At all other times, the schedule is available via the online schedule of classes.
  • Starting in summer 2016, a minimum of 75% is required to get cleared for Math 4 or Math 6A.
  • This workshop runs each quarter for 7 weeks.
  • It does not provide unit credit towards a degree at UCR and will not count toward full time student status.
  • Remember, you will only be charged the $280 fee for the program if you are actually enrolled in the class on R'Web. The fee covers administrative and instructional costs for the workshops. If a student opts to use an online proctor service for the Final Exam, then there will be an addtional fee that the student will need to pay directly to that service.
  • The $280 fee includes an access code to the homework system. Student should not purchase an access code.
  • IAW is a freshmen only workshop. If you are not a freshmen, you will need to talk to your academic advisor and if your academic advisor determines that you need to take the workshop, your academic advisor will clear the student on the system to allow the student to enroll.
  • IAW is a no repeat workshop.Students that have taken ARC 35 and did not get at least 75% are not allowed to retake the workshop. Any questions about this should be directed to your academic advisor.

Please note that ARC 35 (IAW) is now a freshmen only and no repeat workshop. If you are not a freshmen or are trying to repeat, you will need to talk to your academic advisor about your situation.

In Fall and Summer, a certain group of majors are given priority to register for IAW before all other majors. Those majors are:

  • All majors in the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (CNAS)
  • All majors in the Bourns College of Engineering (BCoE)
  • These select majors in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (CHASS):
    • Pre-Business
    • Psychology
    • Neuroscience
    • Economics
    • Economics/Law and Society
    • Economics/Admin Studies
    • Business Economics majors

Summer priority will run until July 19, 2019 at 4pm. Once the priority period is over, all remaining seats will be open to all incoming freshmen. Students with any other class standing must get approval and clearance to take the workshop from your academic advisor.

Fall priority will run until August 31, 2019 at 4pm.  Once the priority period is over, all remaining seats will be open to all incoming freshmen. Students with any other class standing must get approval and clearance to take the workshop from your academic advisor.

Registration for Summer 2019 will open in early June. Please come back to this page to start the summer registration process.

ARC 35 is an online workshop. In summer 2019, ARC 35 will run from July 29 until September 13. The Final Exam will take place on Sunday, September 15. The Final Exam is an online exam that must be proctored. Students can either come to campus and have their exam procotored or they can use ProctorU, a proctor service. If a student uses ProctorU, they will incur a fee of $10 paid directly to ProctorU.

Also, ARC 35 is not part of the Highlander Early Start Academy (HESA). Students are discouraged from participating in both HESA and ARC 35 at the same time in the summer.

Seats will be open to all incoming freshmen in the priority majors. Students with any other class standing must get approval and clearance to take the workshop from their academic advisor.

Log in to your R'Web account to register.

  • You must enroll in the lecture section and one lab section.
  • The workshop is online.  The lecture section is a set of instructional videos and materials that students access during the week. The lab meets online 2 times per week. Participation in these lab sections will account for a portion of the overall score.
  • Information about the online workshop will be available in iLearn after you register in R'Web. Once you register in R'Web, your access to the workshop in iLearn should be available by July 15, iLearn Information.
  • The workshop will run from July 29 until September 13. The Final Exam  will take place on September 15 and it MUST be proctored.

Course Length

  • This workshop is 7 weeks long.
  • The Final Exam will take place on the weekend following the 7th week of the workshop.
    • It will be a proctored exam either at UCR or using ProctorU. Details will be posted to iLearn.
    • You will have 1hr 50min to take the final exam.

Hawkes Learning System

  • Students will need to work through each lesson assignment online and certify by the due date in order to receive credit for each assignment.
  • Lesson Assignment credit will be given for the percentage of work completed in the assigned sections BY THE DUE DATE AND TIME.
  • Students can continue to work past the due date but credit will only be given for the reading/work completed by the due date and time.
  • Lesson Assignment due dates are posted in Hawkes.
  • Creation of a Hawkes account is required, using the access code that will be sent prior to the start of the workshop.


  • Just because this is not for units and it’s online, it is still academic dishonesty to cheat. Since this workshop takes place primarily online, students are held to an honor system when completing lessons and quizzes.
  • What it is: cheat sheets of any kind on quizzes or exams, using any kind of electronics or calculators on tests, unauthorized collaboration on homework, etc. Cheating is also using any kind of aid when doing lessons or taking quizzes. 
  • What will happen: If we see patterns that indicate a student is cheating, the student will be sent an email warning about it. Any further issues of cheating will be reported to the Student Conduct Office. A report will be filed and likely a hearing scheduled by that office to get your side of the story.

“Grading” Breakdown in IAW

Your final percentage is based on a weighted scale. This means that not all points are equal. The percentages below show how much each assignment or group of assignments weigh toward your final grade. You cannot simply add up your points and divide by the total points to calculate your grade.

Lesson Assignments = 20%

  • IF YOU DO NOT FINISH BY THE DUE DATE, your grade for that Lesson will be lowered by 25%.
  • Each Lesson assignment will have a deadline given.

Quizzes = 30%

  • There are 7 total quizzes. The lowest quiz score will be dropped. So your highest 6 quiz scores will be used to calculate your final percentage.
  • Quizzes will be available on Fridays and Saturdays via Hawkes.
  • Quiz 7 is a Lab Participation grade.
  • Individual quiz scores account for 5% toward your final grade.THERE ARE NO MAKEUPS OF QUIZZES FOR ANY REASON. 
  • If you miss a quiz, then that score (a 0) will be dropped.
  • If you miss a second quiz, the 0 will stand (that means you will lose 5% toward your final grade).
  • General advice, don’t miss a quiz and don’t wait until late on Friday to take the quiz. 

Final exam = 50%

  • Nobody can pass the workshop without taking the final.
  • The final exam will be proctored at UCR or using ProctorU.
  • It is usually 105 points total which means a little over 2 points equates to 1% toward your final grade. The final exam is the single largest chunk of percentage points available.

Important Notes:

  • Students may not leave the room during the final exam. Please make sure that you go to the bathroom before starting the exam. Exam time will not be extended due to a bathroom break.


  • Lab is the time when you login get help from a live person. You will have 2 weekly lab meetings that take place online via web conferencing software. A Lab Participation grade will be recorded as the Quiz 7 grade.

Qualifying for the Next Class

  • IAW is a “qualifying” workshop.
  • It is a workshop that can qualify a student to take either Math 4 or Math 6A (not Math 5).
  • These cutoffs are firm, i.e a 74% will be given an NQ (not qualified).
    • To qualify for Math 4 or Math 6A, you must get a 75% or better in IAW.
    • If you get more than 75%, you cannot repeat IAW.


Policy on repeating is determined by the colleges. For questions about repeating IAW, please speak to your academic advisor.

CNAS and BCoE:

  • You have ONE chance to pass this workshop at 75% or better in order to get into Math 6A.
  • If you do not pass with an 75% or better on your first try, you will be dismissed from the college and you will have to declare a major in CHASS.


  • Students may NOT repeat IAW. Any questions about this should be directed to the student's academic advisor.

Correspondences with IAW staff and the coordinator

  • All correspondences are through email and iLearn. So please check your email regularly and frequently for any messaging. Also, log into iLearn on a regular basis to stay aware of what is happening in the program.

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